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three niche blogs highest bidding


Niche blogs or also called niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent to use it for a particular niche market (niche market). 

Therefore, a blog said to be a niche blog if it contains articles that discuss certain information and not information mixture or hodgepodge.

Therefore, in common parlance "niche blog" is defined as the theme of the blog, and "blog niche" means a special themed blog.

Each niche blog has advantages and disadvantages of their own. For a blogger who plays a publisher adsense, choosing the right niche is essential to maximize Adsense income.

But unfortunately every niche that generate high traffic usually has low competition in advertising on adsense thus providing a lower CPC.
And the impact, if niche low bertrafik usually have tough competition in the adsense ads and generate high CPC.

For example, blogs with niche insurance is considered to show ads air-HPK adsense high, but the number of visitors themed blogs insurance is small when compared to other niche.

But at least a niche that allows blog highest bidding will be better than the niche that bertrafik low.

Due to the number of visitors has more then a blog can dimonetasi in any way.

Here are three niche blogs that I think the highest bidding.

1. Niche Blogger
Niche bloggers is a blog that talks about all sorts of things related to engineering perbloggeran, and visitors are fellow bloggers. Blogger is the most active internet users and can be targeted as a regular visitor to the blog berniche blogger.

Even a blogger blog berniche easily memorized by visitors that no other fellow bloggers.

Niche bloggers is less suitable for adsense publishers because visitors are fellow bloggers, and not a few fellow visitors adsense publisher.

So it is the same as eating citrus orange. But biarin ajalah as a blogger usually liked the article about something that they do, including blogging. Although he was a teacher or a shaman, surely someday they would write an article about how to create a blog et al.

2. Niche Mystical
Niche mystical is a blog containing articles of all kinds of information related to the unseen world, similarly ghoulish, supernatural, mysticism, psychic and so forth.

Visitors faerie on the internet is quite a lot, especially in the archipelago such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The majority of them really like and are interested in stories that sometimes mystical mythical stories are just nonsense.

While supplies articles for mythical story is not too much compared to other niches, and this is what makes blogs with niche mystical can get a lot of traffic.

Niche mystical less suitable for adsense because no advertiser who advertise on ghost repellent products or tentacle tuyul. At most, there are only a few advertisers adwords product offering science pellets, quickly mate and the like.

Ad competition they are not so strict.

3. Niche strange and unique
Strange and unique niche currently ranked third because of too much competition, especially large sites.

Many great websites that also posted a bizarre story and unique, for example 10 tallest man in the world, 10 volcanoes with the most powerful explosions, 7 animals that eat while roaring, 10 men of the prettiest in the world, and so forth.

Once strange and unique articles to be champions of the search engines, but after the Internet began to popularize in all circles in Indonesia, the articles such articles are considered stale.

Today, many Internet users prefer articles about Internet-related technologies.

This unique and strange niche pretty good for adsense advertising because it can bring varied. Visitors will be attracted to click on ads that they have not seen than ads each day just that-it's just that usually appear on the blog very specific niche.

* Now the number of bloggers is increasing in line with the product memasyarakatnya gadgets among the people. 

Even many elementary school children can access the internet and blogging are already good at.

Whereas previously blogging can only be done by the upper middle age.

So if we are sensitive and want to understand the development of netizens, the number of Internet users increased significantly and the majority of them can create a blog.

As I have said in previous posts, now the number of bloggers is increasing.

 I know this after seeing an increase in updating articles among bloggers.

Therefore you should please read also the information about the frequency of updates Bloggers Rises Sharply.
May be useful.