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make money

'Ve never heard of AdRewa? It looks like yet huh?
This is brand new in the world of online business.

Reasonable if not familiar. Acuhkan only.
Anyway in this post we also will not discuss at all
about AdRewa.
Later next time.

Suppose this just
ride through. Hehehe.

How about blog advertising? Never heard of, isn't it? I think the term blog advertising is no longer
foreign to most of the people working in this
online business.

This time we will discuss a little about blog advertising and how to quickly earn money online
using blog. Want to?
OK. First of all, let's discuss about blog advertising.

The term is actually represents a relatively broad sense, let alone if we try to
translate it into the language of Indonesia.
It seems to me, all the activities that make the blog as a media to place ads in any form can be categorized as blog advertising.

language is (the process of) advertising through

I've never written about blog advertising here and many other articles again about blog advertising.

The point is how to make use of our blog to its full potential in order to get the optimal revenue.

For those already steeped in the world of blogging
for a long time, or that have been consciously
resting its economic life of blogging, blog advertising activities can already be considered as

"spirit" and "blood" of the business.
Make money from Blog

Through blog advertising program, a blog can provide real revenue to its owner.
 It's just that, making a real income from programs blog blog advertising is not as easy as planned.

It will be a great many obstacles, barriers and
challenges that will accompany. Not rarely the blogger was forced to withdraw, retreat from
plans originally made blogging as a profession.
In General, advertising is the main source of income a blog, presented in the form of text ads,
banner ads, or ads in the form of writing (review).

Do not close the possibility of new models that are more creative in online advertising system at this time.
There is a payout method ad directly in front
before the ads were installed on the blog (fixed rate ads), there are also advertising model in which the payout after there are activities that
occur in ad; either the number of clicks (pay per click/PPC), the resulting total visits (pay per action, pay per view/PPA/PPV, as well as the number of broadcast advertising (cost per million/CPM), and many more models blog advertising today.

The large number of options for getting money from the blog (blog monetizing) makes people
think that earning money online through her blog
turned out to be easy.

It looks indeed easy, although if truth be told, business blog actually almost just the same as
any other business in the real world.
It takes careful planning, adequate capital, strong desire, seek consistency (posts and
maintenance), and a number of other pre-conditions in order to be successful, or at least
could return capital.

Building a successful Blog
I prefer to use the term "build blog" compared to
"create blog" only.
Why should build a blog?
Because the truth is, if you want to earn revenue
from the blog ril, you need to be well planned; will make the blog as to what and how, as well as a number of other considerations.

The term building it is very complex. We need to
collect and provide all of raw materials, energy and the concept before it starts. If raw materials
or workforce is insufficient, so that the build process will be trembling voice, or even stopped in the middle of the road.
Similarly, the melakoni activity of blogging as a
source of income or as a job.
It takes a complete
planning, adequate resources and consistency
during the build.

If you don't plan Your blog with
good development to be successful in the future, then be prepared to fail in the middle of the road.
Facts prove that only a blog – blogs are planned and managed well then that can exist and be a rich source of revenue in the online world,
The planned blog with mature and consistent plan
builds upon the already disusunlah which was later proven to be can bring a lot of visitors and readers and constantly growing.

What about the activities of blogging as a hobby
instead? For this one, there is no measure that fit
to judge it. In this blog, we always talk about the
activities of blogging as a job and source of income, not just a hobby.

Want to Quickly Get money from blogging?
Topic about how to quickly earn money from blog
does sound very interesting at the moment. Amid the multitude of challenges and hurdles to build a successful blog, the drive to succeed in a short time became increasingly powerful.

Instant culture that is already growing in daily life,
can not be avoided, join coloring activities the majority of people in the online world.

Not a few people who were forced to spend some funds only to dream of earning in no time. In fact,
almost 100% jargon-the jargon of the instant
income could not be proved, nothing more than a

trick of marketing only.

Well, specifically for the blogging world, trend for quickly making money from a blog is in fact already known to us from the first.

Indeed in ril are a number of methods that, when
implemented correctly and perfect, would provide
income as promised; Quick earn money from blog.

You also certainly want, isn't it? I went too.
All people want to earn quick money from work and its business, including blogging. Well, how?
Is actually easy to make money from blog, provided that your blog meets these 3 conditions:
The content is good and original
Interesting blog appearance and theme (eye

The number of visitors to the many
That's it really.

 Very simple, just 3 points. Can that be?
AHA ... that he's the problem! : mewek2
Many people are constrained by the question of
how to write for their blog, how do I get the content interesting and up to date, how to make a
delicious read post and favored by visitors, as well
as a number of questions "5W + 1 H" others.
In this blog we discuss is actually a lot of things, such as how to find the idea of writing blogs and
other articles.

You can also easily get answers to
a number of questions and "the question" are there dibenak you when trying to build a blog with
search for it on google.

Well, now, there is a will to change, no? Want to
be successful with the blog currently you get up, no? If Yes, immediately change! Search for, find and keep looking for answers! Try and keep the spirit, until whenever!
Remember, God will not change the fate of a clan, until the House itself that change their fate.
with us; God will not change the fate of a blogger
to blogger itself that changed his fate!
So now it's all up to you. Do want to succeed or

Options already exist, your stay is decided.
What is clear, being a blogger can also sebahagia

those who have business in the real world.

Become a blogger could have exceeded the
income of a CIVIL SERVANT or a head of a branch of a bank, though. Instead, the revenue
being a professional bloggers sometimes is not limited.

You want? Start right now!

Do not know how? Soon learn, learn and keep learning!


How to run a blog and make money from your blog / beginner's guide

dolar us
  • For this post I would like to specifically discuss about how to make money from blogs in detail in the hope of giving a little insight for my friend who wants to learn to make money from blogs.

Because the post is quite long so I highly recommend that my friend prepare in advance a cup of coffee and snacks so that later do not sleepy in the middle of the road.

If you're ready, please be continued ...

This person who's making articles like this, if he had been making money from a blog, or perhaps just from writing to mislead people?

Improve SEO with Google+

The reason why I am writing this post of course because I already have experience making money from blogs and I wanted to share that experience to the readers of this blog.

I've known blog since 2010, and have started to make money from blogging since early 2013.

Well until now blog who became my primary source of income.

Although I personally was only a junior high school graduate, but Alhamdulillah only with blogs the income I get no less than the salary of a civil servant, even much bigger.

Besides me, out there are also a lot of bloggers in Indonesia and abroad that have proven successful on the blog.

I'm sure my friend already knows it and that's the reason why my friend read this post. Buddy wanted to be able to follow the footsteps of bloggers who had already been a success.

Is it possible?

Nothing is impossible. I just graduated from junior high who can, man also would be because I am sure my friend is much smarter and smarter than me.

But ... there is the but ...

Making money from blogs is not the way to get rich quick

In this world no one is instant.

Instant noodles are an instant he can not be eaten with the wrapper.

Everything needs a process.

Making money from blogs as well as it is, takes the process.

As I mentioned above, I know the blog since 2010 but recently can make money from a blog in early 2013. That means two more years of my blogging without any results.

Successful bloggers I know are also mostly been blogging for years before finally meraka can successfully generate a lot of money from their blogs.

Here I just want to emphasize that making money from blogs is not impossible, but not easy at all and not a way to get rich quick.

Blogging is only for people who have the patience and perseverance to learn continuously to be able to make their blogs as a source of income.

Well, if my friend is one such person, means the buddy is obliged to read this post further.

Recognizes two types of bloggers

Before I go any further, there are some other important things you need to know first.

In this world, two types of bloggers. The first type is the blogger whose blog is not because of money, and the second type is bloggers blogging for money.

Both types are equally bloggers can make money from a blog, but specifically for bloggers blogging for money is usually the process to make money would be much more difficult. The reason is because a lot of new things to learn.

Examples like this:

Bloggers are blogging not because the money is usually from the beginning has had good writing skills. While not all bloggers are blogging for money writing skills.

I personally think is an example of early blogging bloggers who do not have good writing skills. It took a long time for me to be able to write like this. That is one reason why blogging for two years I could not produce anything.

If my friend feels the kind of blogger blogging due solely to make money, then be aware that a lot of new things to learn.

Well for my friend who from the beginning had been a hobby blog, I'm sure of making money from blogs is not a difficult thing to do.

5 steps to make money from blog

Steps to make money from blogs actually did not complicated, it's just that the process takes patience and persistence of high levels.

There are at least five steps that need to be buddy pass. The steps are:

1. Determine the topic and target audience blog

The first step is to determine the topic and also the target of blog readers.

Before you create a blog buddy, buddy should already know what topics will be discussed on your blog and also determine who the target audience of your blog.

2. Create a blog

After finding a suitable topic of the blog, the next step of course started to create a blog.

If my friend were really still just learning blog, I suggest to create a free blog at blogger.com.

3. Creating quality content

Just having a blog is not enough to make money. Next my friend need to fill your blog with content quality.

Without quality content your blog will not be any visitors. Having a lot of blog visitors is one of the key kesuksesaan a blog.

4. Promote your blog

Currently the number of bloggers in Indonesia is very much, which means the competition will be intense.

Only with quality content alone is not enough to be able to get a lot of visitors, my friend also need to promote your blog.

5. Determine the appropriate method of monetization

Well the latter is the use of blogs that have been built with difficulty in order to make money.

This process is commonly called "monetization of blogs", or the Indonesian language "monetize a blog"

There are so many methods of monetization that can be done, buddy should be able to find the right method for your blog because it is not suitable for all blog monetized in the same way.

Any kind of monetization methods, Mas?

Please observe further below.

7 How to make money on the most popular blogs

Below is a list of 7 most popular monetization method that is often used by bloggers to make money from their blogs.

Most of monetization methods below've ever done, but there are some that I personally have never tried.

But clearly monetization methods below are methods that have been proven.

1. Advertise

The first is the most popular among the most popular, is by placing ads on blogs.

To monetize your blog with ads there are two paths you can choose buddy.

The first is to sign up to the program Advertising Networks or advertising network.

The second is to offer directly to prospective advertisers to advertise on your blog or commonly referred to as Direct Advertising.

- Advertising Networks

Advertising Networks or network advertising is a service program that connects between advertisers with the owner of the website or blog.

Well if you want to make money from a program like this, my friend simply need to sign up to the program's advertising network, then later my friend will be given an advertising code that needs to be installed on the blog.

Income earned is usually calculated every time there are people who click on the ads on your blog or commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Advertising Networks program one of the most popular in Indonesia is Google AdSense.

- Direct Advertising

Unlike the Advertising Networks, Direct Advertising is a method in which the buddy offers directly to potential advertisers to advertise on your blog.

The advantages of this method is the income of your blog can be much higher because the ads that are installed on the blog is not through a third party intermediary.

Price advertising itself varies, generally match the amount and quality of the end of the blog.

Although the friend can get a higher yield, but this way you could say it's not easy. The reason is because my friend should be looking for potential advertisers who are willing to advertise on your blog.

2. Paid Review

Paid reviews or paid posts is a monetization method which we earn money by reviewing products or services of people through our blog posts.

Basically there's no difference with Direct Advertising, Direct Advertising is only the difference if their ads in the form of a banner ad, while paid its advertising in the form of posting a review.

3. Selling your own product

Sell ​​the product itself is one of the best blog monetiasi method that can be done. The reason for selling their own products friend can earn many times greater than using other methods of monetization.

If you use this method you could say my friend does not make money from your blog directly, because the income is from the buddy get selling. While the function of the blog buddy will manage just as a place to promote products that sell pal.

Indeed hell that can be sold through the blog, Mas?

Products that can be sold through the blog is divided into two types.

Ie physical products and digital products.

For physical products almost anything can be sold through the blog. But of course, the product sold must correspond to the topic of your blog.

- For example, your blog talks about the bird, the bird friend can sell drugs.
- For example, your blog talks about motivation, motivation friend can sell books.
- For example, your blog talks about gadgets, my friend can sell gadgets.

As for digital products that can be sold through the blog usually products such as:

- Ebook (Electronic Books)
- Video
- Audio
- Software
- Theme Website
- Plugin
- Design images
- etc.

Selling its own products through blogs certainly not an easy thing. The first mate must have products for sale, the two buddies must find a blog targeted visitors into buying products that sell pal.

4. Selling its own merits

In addition to product buddy could also sell services through the blog. Monetization method is very suitable for my friend who has expertise that can be distributed via the Internet.


- If the design whiz buddy, my friend can provide design services
- If my friend at writing, my friend can provide article writing services
- If my friend was good at making website, my friend can provide website development services
- etc.

One example of Indonesia blog successful enough to offer services via his blog is dzofar.com.

dzofar.com is a personal blog that contains tutorials on drawing vector and the blog admin using the blog as a place to promote a vector drawing his services.

5. Following the affiliate program

For my friend who do not have their own product to sell or do not have the skills that can be used as a service, affiliate program is another alternative that can be selected.

Affiliates is a program where we help promote the products or services of others and we will get a commission if we succeed in selling these products.

To join the affiliate program like this friend can search for providers of products or services that provide affiliate program or it could be through an affiliate network.

6. Provide a membership program

Program membership is one monetization method that I personally have never tried.

But this monetization method has been proven to provide a decent income for many bloggers Indonesia and outside the State that has been proved.

Program membership at dasarnnya is a program which provides a buddy on your blog premium content and premium content can only be accesed by the end of which have become a member by paying a sum of money.

7. Sale blog

The latest of which monetization method is by selling blog.

So pal earn money by creating a blog The blog continues to sell to others.

Weve nothing to buy, Mas?

Outside there are many novice bloggers are lazy to create a blog from scratch. If you have the money they usually prefer to buy ready-made blog.

Almost all the above blog monetization method I've tried everything, except the membership program.

But for now my main income comes only from Direct Advertising, Selling digital products such as Blogger Template and also provide services AdSense JV.


There are so many ways you can do to make money from blogs. All the methods that I have written above is a method that has been proven.

And believe it or not, other than that I have written above, there are many other ways that can be done, from the way Bener until manner not right.

For my friend who is just learning blog, I believe the information I have given above even make a loss because too much can be selected.

So, what's next?

My advice, if indeed new pal learn blogging, then do not make money as a main focus. Because I'm sure not going to take a long time friend decided to stop blogging.

For in the early days are better focused to learn blogging first. Although not generate anything, blogging still has many other benefits. Of improving writing skills, become more tech-savvy, and most importantly to help others through writing that we make.

three niche blogs highest bidding


Niche blogs or also called niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent to use it for a particular niche market (niche market). 

Therefore, a blog said to be a niche blog if it contains articles that discuss certain information and not information mixture or hodgepodge.

Therefore, in common parlance "niche blog" is defined as the theme of the blog, and "blog niche" means a special themed blog.

Each niche blog has advantages and disadvantages of their own. For a blogger who plays a publisher adsense, choosing the right niche is essential to maximize Adsense income.

But unfortunately every niche that generate high traffic usually has low competition in advertising on adsense thus providing a lower CPC.
And the impact, if niche low bertrafik usually have tough competition in the adsense ads and generate high CPC.

For example, blogs with niche insurance is considered to show ads air-HPK adsense high, but the number of visitors themed blogs insurance is small when compared to other niche.

But at least a niche that allows blog highest bidding will be better than the niche that bertrafik low.

Due to the number of visitors has more then a blog can dimonetasi in any way.

Here are three niche blogs that I think the highest bidding.

1. Niche Blogger
Niche bloggers is a blog that talks about all sorts of things related to engineering perbloggeran, and visitors are fellow bloggers. Blogger is the most active internet users and can be targeted as a regular visitor to the blog berniche blogger.

Even a blogger blog berniche easily memorized by visitors that no other fellow bloggers.

Niche bloggers is less suitable for adsense publishers because visitors are fellow bloggers, and not a few fellow visitors adsense publisher.

So it is the same as eating citrus orange. But biarin ajalah as a blogger usually liked the article about something that they do, including blogging. Although he was a teacher or a shaman, surely someday they would write an article about how to create a blog et al.

2. Niche Mystical
Niche mystical is a blog containing articles of all kinds of information related to the unseen world, similarly ghoulish, supernatural, mysticism, psychic and so forth.

Visitors faerie on the internet is quite a lot, especially in the archipelago such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The majority of them really like and are interested in stories that sometimes mystical mythical stories are just nonsense.

While supplies articles for mythical story is not too much compared to other niches, and this is what makes blogs with niche mystical can get a lot of traffic.

Niche mystical less suitable for adsense because no advertiser who advertise on ghost repellent products or tentacle tuyul. At most, there are only a few advertisers adwords product offering science pellets, quickly mate and the like.

Ad competition they are not so strict.

3. Niche strange and unique
Strange and unique niche currently ranked third because of too much competition, especially large sites.

Many great websites that also posted a bizarre story and unique, for example 10 tallest man in the world, 10 volcanoes with the most powerful explosions, 7 animals that eat while roaring, 10 men of the prettiest in the world, and so forth.

Once strange and unique articles to be champions of the search engines, but after the Internet began to popularize in all circles in Indonesia, the articles such articles are considered stale.

Today, many Internet users prefer articles about Internet-related technologies.

This unique and strange niche pretty good for adsense advertising because it can bring varied. Visitors will be attracted to click on ads that they have not seen than ads each day just that-it's just that usually appear on the blog very specific niche.

* Now the number of bloggers is increasing in line with the product memasyarakatnya gadgets among the people. 

Even many elementary school children can access the internet and blogging are already good at.

Whereas previously blogging can only be done by the upper middle age.

So if we are sensitive and want to understand the development of netizens, the number of Internet users increased significantly and the majority of them can create a blog.

As I have said in previous posts, now the number of bloggers is increasing.

 I know this after seeing an increase in updating articles among bloggers.

Therefore you should please read also the information about the frequency of updates Bloggers Rises Sharply.
May be useful.

Improve SEO with Google+

Improve SEO with Google+ is one of the benefits you can get from the use of Google+ for businesses.

Many brands are not yet realizing the benefits that can be gained by using Google+ for business. In fact, judging from the number of users that touch the 1 billion, Google+ can be considered as social media is ideal for your business.

This is why Google+ is required in your social media strategy.

Here are the easy steps to grow your business using Google+:

 Improve SEO with Google+

Enter keywords and relevant links in the "About Page" of your brand profile
As already known, "About Page" gives a

brief description about your brand. You can also create links to specific pages and services on the about page, then the link will direct potential prospects to the most important pages on the website that you have. Therefore, it is important for you to display information that makes it easier for searchers to understand the company / business.

Leverage Google+ Events for Your Event

One feature which is owned by Google is Fiture event.

This feature allows the pen ggunanya for invitations that have been custom to anyone, both users and non Google+ users. Later, the invitation will be disinkronasi nicely with Google Calendar which will then automatically appear when users perform confirmation of arrival.

In addition, in the event also features a party mode features.

This feature allows participants of the event were present for uploading photos to almbum the same using the services of mobile applications Google+, making real-time photo journals of the time and date specific, then you can also view the photos in a slideshow, all of which exist in the Google+ service.

Post as often as might For Optimal Search
Please note that the search results of Google Search to be more relevant if they integrate with your social connections. Therefore it is, enter a keyword in your post is important to do so that they appear when you search for those keywords followers.

In addition, existing algorithms in Google Search will display the search results personal specific taken from existing activities in Google+.

 Thus, the more your Google+ posts relevant to the content, eating your post will often show up in search results.

Improve SEO with Google Authorship

Things are often promoted by Google as an advantage is the SEO aspects that can be improved through the use Google+ appropriate.

Use of Google Authoship will make your website as a quality source for when you're using Google Authorship, then the author's photo will appear on the website or in your blog posts in Google search results.

This will obviously affect the rankings and increase your click rate. To create a Google Authorship is very easy, you just need to add a link to your Google+ profile to each post on your website or blog and on Google+ contains links to blogs that you manage.

User Search and Relevant Discussion Topic
One of the basic differences Google+ with other social media is the tendency of Google+ that leads to the community.

So it is important for you to download the Google+ users engage in conversation relvan or appropriate. The success of marketing in social media lies in the way you download engage Google+ users through your profile page.

Because you can not download the circle Google+ users from your business page until they download the circle you advance, it is important for you to establish a good relationship with them as well as introducing the content pages of your product.

You can monitor anyone Google+ users who are looking for your brand and get up interaction with them by mention or share re-posting them on your brand.

Things like this will have an impact on the future development of your business.

Tips to Increase Google Adsense Recent CPC 2016

it's just for now some publishers rarely
discuss CPC and CTR are now keen to discuss.
If indeed you intend to earn a great income from Google Adsense of course you have to work more on Google Adsense CPC rather than CTR.

To get thousands of ad impressions certainly does not help much without the support with CPC good with CTR.

 Adsense CPC has nothing to do with the source of the traffic, if you really realize and see the micro-niche blog, you've noticed that even less traffic sources such sites make more money from Google Adsense.

Also Read: Here's a list of high paying google adsense keywords Recent Indonesia in 2016 !!

That glimpse of CPC conjunction with Google Adsense CTR. because now his discussion on How to increase Google Adsense Recent CPC 2016, yuk listened to the tips!

1. Niche Blog
The main thing in improving high CPC is to determine your niche blog.
so it is important to define a niche, for CPC ads depends on the niche that is being discussed in a blog.

The following niche blogs that have a high 

CPC value:
Domain & Web
Gadgets / Technology
Microsoft Office
job vacancy

2. Content
The second is the Content. Content will be particularly important in targeting the keyword or keywords that represent of the topic you are discussing.
 To obtain a high CPC you can do research using the approximate CPC column of Google Adword Keyword Planner.

3. Ad Review
You try to block categories of ads that are completely irrelevant to the content or niche your blog.
for example, your blog is about technology but its ad categories on Dating, Politics, Religion.

This will certainly affect the Google Adsense CPC and your Google Adsense revenue.

4. Platform
Your blog is read from different platforms such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and so on.
 In general, the CPC is not much affected by the platform where ads appear, but you should be trying to target readers. and most readers through the platform desktop or laptop.

 5. State / Country
Fifth, the most important factor to increase your CPC is by targeting the country you are targeting.
 for example, an ad click from United States you can pay about $ 2 to $ 3 per click.

6. Ad formats Text & Pictures
You must select the right format for your ad.
 if you can place 3 ads on the blog pages later choose 2 advertisement 336x280 and 468x60 ads.

7. Ad Placement
Do you ever ignore placing Google Adsense ads on your blog page.
for proper ad placement is to put two ads in your blog posts and 1 ads outside post. optimizing the ads you post on your blog should not be excessively attached which will have an impact on visitors. would feel disturbed by the display ad blocking most articles.

How already clear was with all the tips I gave above? I hope you can optimize it well to get high value CPC.
Similarly, an article about Google Adsense Tips to Improve CPC 2016 Recent helpful semog yes!

New Blog How Long Will Appear In Google Search

Trafficniche After creating a new blog we want our blog to appear in every search on google search the search including the most widely used by people - people who are looking for something they want, whether your blog is included in google search?

If your blog has quality and is able to compete with an existing blog, then your blog will appear on Google search, for a new blog in this bolt takes approximately 24 hours, if looking at the google search at the time of the new blog, this is not will appear because google needs time to crawl newly created blog.

No Need To Wait 24 Hours appear in the Google Video Blog

How is that new blogs created instantly appear on google search? for this lagkah that tepenting is look for keywords that have not been there in google. If you create a new blog with the address and the title of the blog is not showing in google, like the example you are looking for something a keyword on google however, Google does not show you that you are looking, the keyword is looking for the address or title that you create on your blog your new.

How Fast By Title Postings To be Appear in Google?

Before making the title of the blog post, it first needs to be done adalh looking for a title that will be created on google when searching for post title that you want to make, how to search results on Google are a lot of rivals, or whether many blog sites that make the same title with the title of your plan?

If despite the site articles that discuss about the title you want to create, it is not a problem, but should be considered to create a title that is not the same as jdul them and how exposure or way of explanation contents of the article you are able to compete with the content of their articles by making the content of the article more complete and easily understood by visitors, of course google will crawl the title of your blog on google search.

Determining whether Title Postings Google index?

Post title is one of the ways we so articles can be indexed by Google, some experience of experts google say create useful content and not just sekerdar title, although the title that you create has no rivals many in google but if the article is not adequate or this quality is not also very influential in google search.

So intinyan make the title of the article is interesting and quality article content, then Google will crawl your site or blog, every person who is looking for articles related to the title and content of your article, then your blog will appear on google.

New Blog and Blog Old N
ot Much Different In Google Crawl

Basically, a blog that has long nor could say blogs are elderly, indeed any new articles that were made will be quickly indexed by google, but not all articles will be indexed by Google if a blog article that created an article origin so it would be difficult in indexed by google.

For a new blog also said if the article is true - really helpful in making and would appear in Google searches, the new blog and the old blog can be helped through it by adding ULR google search with Search Console.

  • Well bloggers how long the new blog will appear on google search? easy - I hope has been answered by this post, accepted the greetings you for visiting blogger.