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Tips to Increase Google Adsense Recent CPC 2016

it's just for now some publishers rarely
discuss CPC and CTR are now keen to discuss.
If indeed you intend to earn a great income from Google Adsense of course you have to work more on Google Adsense CPC rather than CTR.

To get thousands of ad impressions certainly does not help much without the support with CPC good with CTR.

 Adsense CPC has nothing to do with the source of the traffic, if you really realize and see the micro-niche blog, you've noticed that even less traffic sources such sites make more money from Google Adsense.

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That glimpse of CPC conjunction with Google Adsense CTR. because now his discussion on How to increase Google Adsense Recent CPC 2016, yuk listened to the tips!

1. Niche Blog
The main thing in improving high CPC is to determine your niche blog.
so it is important to define a niche, for CPC ads depends on the niche that is being discussed in a blog.

The following niche blogs that have a high 

CPC value:
Domain & Web
Gadgets / Technology
Microsoft Office
job vacancy

2. Content
The second is the Content. Content will be particularly important in targeting the keyword or keywords that represent of the topic you are discussing.
 To obtain a high CPC you can do research using the approximate CPC column of Google Adword Keyword Planner.

3. Ad Review
You try to block categories of ads that are completely irrelevant to the content or niche your blog.
for example, your blog is about technology but its ad categories on Dating, Politics, Religion.

This will certainly affect the Google Adsense CPC and your Google Adsense revenue.

4. Platform
Your blog is read from different platforms such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and so on.
 In general, the CPC is not much affected by the platform where ads appear, but you should be trying to target readers. and most readers through the platform desktop or laptop.

 5. State / Country
Fifth, the most important factor to increase your CPC is by targeting the country you are targeting.
 for example, an ad click from United States you can pay about $ 2 to $ 3 per click.

6. Ad formats Text & Pictures
You must select the right format for your ad.
 if you can place 3 ads on the blog pages later choose 2 advertisement 336x280 and 468x60 ads.

7. Ad Placement
Do you ever ignore placing Google Adsense ads on your blog page.
for proper ad placement is to put two ads in your blog posts and 1 ads outside post. optimizing the ads you post on your blog should not be excessively attached which will have an impact on visitors. would feel disturbed by the display ad blocking most articles.

How already clear was with all the tips I gave above? I hope you can optimize it well to get high value CPC.
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