This is Google Adsense Registration Review Process (Special Beginner)

Actually requirement to register into a google adsense publisher was very easy, the main requirement is that you must have a blog, be it a free blog such as blogspot or blog with a top level domain (TLD).

Although the condition is easily turn out to be accepted into a google adsense publisher was not easy, because there will be the process of the review conducted by adsense on your team s sa registrant and blogs that you register - Google Adsense

Review The aim is to conduct a further review in order to determine the appropriateness of blogs registered to advertise google adsense, if a blog is considered incompatible with the policy of google adsense these will be rejected on the grounds that the appropriate but if the blog is in accordance with the policy and considered owner decent blog then you will have the potential to become a publisher adsense accepted.

In general, when you register registration google adsense with the above requirements, before you are fully accepted into google adsense publisher, then the team adsense will do 2 process review of the blogs that you submitted, the review is better known as the review process 1 and the review process 2, if both passed the review process then you will be a google adsense publisher.

As to whether the Review Process Google Adsense?
The first step prior to the stage of the review process is that you have to apply for google adsense first, registration can be done through blogs or through adsense sites directly, but to be more easily accepted by many who advocate register through blogs berflatform blogspot, to register via your blog can read the article on how to register google adsense through the blog I have ever made before.

If your registration is successfully submitted, the next stage of google adsense team will conduct a review process of the blogs that you register, there will be two times the review process as follows:

Review Process 1
The review process one is the process of a preliminary review conducted by the team google Adsnse to your blog can be with the help of robot automatically or possibly also by the team adsense manually processed the 1st review will usually be identified regarding the appropriateness of the blog to participate berpartisifasi publisher adsense ads if the blog is considered in accordance with the policies google adsense likely your blog will escape review 1, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Some rejections before the 1st review
Prior to the review process 1, there are times when denial is rejected for several reasons, some of which are as follows:

a. Content inadequate
Rejection is usually caused by a blog visitor is considered slightly, moisture content of each blog article is too little, too dominated by a picture or video, the number of articles still very little.

b. Blog does not comply with the policy
If your blog is considered to discuss matters in accordance with policy know google adsense then most likely its refusal was not in accordance with the policy content.

c. Difficult blog Navigation
This rejection could be because you do not provide such blog navigation menu, popular post, arthive blog or widgets which can help facilitate visitors browse your blog. or it may be a lengthy article that you serve not equipped with headings and sub-headings are structured.

The characteristics qualify blog reviews 1
If you passed the Registration adsense first review some of its characteristics is as follows:

1.Usually you will receive an email asking you to install the unit code adsense ads on your blog that you register, or some are receiving notification that the payee has been changed.

2.You can enter access Already adsense account, create an ad unit code and other information.

3.You can already put ads on your blog page, but the ads usually appear only briefly or be some hours and eventually disappears, and finally just show a blank space or blank only.

If the review 1 passes, the ad should you put on your blog to get to the second review process.

Review Process 2
2 review process will only work if you've passed the first review and you've managed to put adsense ads on your blog page.

Typical review 2 are as follows:

1.Advertisement that you install will not appear empty or just empty space only, therefore, you should not be surprised if the alias ad does not appear when you have installed the ad or ads will only appear a few hours and then disappear, it means you still have

2.review earnings registration process has been put 2.Terkadang, ntah from ad clicks made by visitors of your blog, or one-thousandth of your productive after 1000 x aired.

Feature Review 2 Passed
Some characteristics that the review 2 passes are as follows:

1. Advertisement will appear on your blog page.
2. You will receive an email notification that the registration has been accepted in full (full approve).
 3. You have received revenue from adsense if someone clicks on your adsense ads.

Sometimes in a review two potential you denied there are many types of rejection that can occur at the time of review two such rejections during the 1st review, either rejected or accepted to be kept informed by the google adsense team via email. therefore if you've escaped the reviews first and you have not received the email is rejected or accepted it means you can still review process 2.

There are a lot of complaints that were raised by the bloggers who happen to already signed up, they were a lot of chatter on social media in online forums that he had been asked to put up ads, but only a few hours to appear and will eventually disappear and only shows an empty room alone , once again if it happens to you it is likely your google adsense registration still review process 2.

Google adsense will always provide information via email, regarding the registration process your google adsense, whether it is accepted or rejected if you have not received a rejection email or email that your registration is accepted fully that means you still review2 process.

The length of the review process only Google that can define, but normally within 24 hours 2x you should already get a decision accepted or rejected, depending sustenance respectively.

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