The type of content that is Not SEO friendly Blog

1. spelling and typo
Google itself stating that the quality of a content is not only seen from the uniqueness and how that
content is informative for the reader, but also from
the technical side of kepenulisan such as
minimization of spelling and typo.

From the side of
the reader, the content contains numerous
misspellings and typo will reduce the trust or
credibility of the web site itself.

Although not all readers understand or care about technical writing,
but we also can't ignore that the readers of today are the ones who have been more critical.

Logically, how
will people believe about the information we pass on
technical writing course basis if we still keteteran?

From the side of Google as a search engine, content
with many misspellings will deny the accuracy of the
search algorithm.

For example: when the reader type in the phrase "where buy cheap hosting package".

Based on SEO optimization you do, your web site
should be on page one, but because the misspelled
title of your content to be "Selling cheap hotsing
package" for example, Google decided to "throw" your content into the twentieth page umpteen.

Tip: If you don't understand the basic writing
techniques, use the Indonesian Language Spelling
book (EBI) or Large Indonesian Language Dictionary
(KBBI) online as a guide.

2. Outwit the reader

You create content with headings that contain the keywords that you are targeting, but its content is not at all relevant to it, or if it is relevant discussed only
at a glance while the rest of your content discussing
other things.
This is called outwit the reader.

Cloaking also belong to outwit the reader and make
your web site exposed to the high risk of a penalty by Google.

The definition of cloaking is showing
different content to the reader and the Googlebot.

Tip: Customize the title with the content because the
bombastic title but the content instead, would give a bad impression.

3. Buy and sell Links
These last few years, Google has mewanti-wanti
about buy and sell links.

Who is buying and selling
links is exchanging links with money, products, or services. More simply, sponsored post a backlink
with rel = "do-follow".

The content has too many
have links like this clearly violated Google's quality
guidelines. Consequently, content or even the entirety of your blog will be derived from search engines.

Unfortunately we have not found enough valid
literature about how much the number of paid links
or paid links are allowed and which are not.

Tip: use the attribute rel = "nofollow" to paid links.

4. The content of Sponsored Post low quality
If in the previous point covered was the existence of
backlinks, then at this point is about the quality of the content itself. When creating sponsored post in the form of a review of a product be it goods or services,
a blogger often provide a description of the product.

There is nothing wrong with that, that's wrong is if
the description is only a result of copas from product
provider's web site.

Indeed, not all review is sponsored post, reviews
often also done voluntarily since the bloggers want to give information to the reader.
But, if the content
you create is exactly the paid content, here are some
things you can consider before creating content:
Make the content contains an honest review, give it a

If necessary, attach the advantages and disadvantages of products based on your experience.
If the sponsored post that you received in the form of
content placement, edit well before published. Fix if there are technical errors, customize with Your
language, and style check in advance whether such content is duplicated from other content or not.

Sepadat whatever schedule sponsored post You
publish, wisely.

For example, today's sponsored post,
then the subsequent content is the content of your own.

Two days later, barus sponsored post again, so on. However, because there are no readers who enjoy "'ve been fed" ads every day.

When creating content and want to provide a description of a product, use your own language.

Logically put it this way, if only copas, to what
readers bother coming to your blog? What better not
directly come to the product provider's web site?
Please choose a product that has a correlation with
your blog.

For example, the niche your blog is about
Internet technology.

Then the products such as cloud
service providers of web hosting and domain, blog template, or tools would certainly be more relevant than food, for example.

Tip: in addition to the sponsored post, there are
some other ways to earn money from blog.

5. Arisan Links
Mutual link exchange in order to increase the traffic
of goodwill is often done by the bloggers.
But, perhaps You do not yet know if this is one of the techniques that violate the Google quality policy.

Arisan link schemes including links or links that are engineered and will lead to your site or blog (again)
derived from search engines.

Tip: use the attribute rel = "nofollow" to links arisan.

6. Content-clamp
Who constantly warned by Google about quality content is content that is informative and
comprehensive in the sense of content that
discusses the topic in detail and thoroughly, not just
content that is a paragraph taken from the site A and
other paragraphs taken from site B.

Maybe you also often find sites containing content
like this one.
From the title hell magnificent once
seem promising knowledge you need, but when read
turns out its contents only a duplication of content
on other sites.

Tip: write something that you know and understand
very well.

7. Keyword is not relevant
Although Google is a machine, but they have the ability to recognize correct sentence structure. 

They will know what topics it contains content and keyword anywhere that we're trying to optimize. The sentence that impressed "forcing" and not natural
just to enter a specific keyword will effect bad
against the content in its entirety.
That is why a
content creator should have kelihaian to construct
sentences that are intact and natural.

Not to be confused the two following sentences:
For the user of the unit in the design of the shirt, certainly need software capable to design t-shirts.
For those of you who enjoy using the design of the
shirt a unit for an appearance that is not typical, of course you need design software to meet those needs.
According to you, which is more palatable read?

Tip: pay attention to coherence (logical relationship)
between words and antarkalimat.

8. Keyword Stuffing
The more keywords in a paragraph then the good.

This myth is often diembuskan by those who either
have not yet understand very well about SEO either
deliberately gives tricks is no good.
Repeat keywords
in a paragraph, let alone if all of that is the anchor text that are links to other sites, is called keyword
stuffing that is of course not good for the ranking of
your web site.

Examples of keyword stuffing:
We sell shoes boots custom.
Our custom boots
shoes made of genuine leather.
You can order our custom boots shoes at sepatubootscustom@gmail.com.

Tip: use keywords as needed.

9. Web interface
The letters are too small, too big, dark background
color with the light, the letters berpendar-pendar as
disco lights or colorful as a rainbow, and others.
Essentially, the look of the web site that is not
friendly in the eyes of readers can reduce points of user experience.
More details of this, Google and other search engines
exactly consider the look of a website because when displaying a site in the search engines, they expect is that users will get the information they are looking for.
When for example the information was obtained
but the look of the website is a mess, the user will
immediately move the bow to another web site that is more read-able. When the user has only been on the website for – Let's say – two seconds and then
immediately close the web, Google will assume that the search results they give useless. In doing so, Google will consider not to include the website in
search results.

Tip: instead of choosing a web interface that has many embellishments with the intention of enabling
eye cathing, better use of the template is simple but
have content that entices the reader.

10. irrelevant Video

To make readers stay longer on a web site, the author often incorporate video into your content.
This is a nice trick because in addition to lowering bounch
rate, the video also has several other functions:
Not all readers easily understand information shaped
visual such as writing, there are more readers know if the information submitted in the form of audio or audio visual.
The existence of the types of variations
to accommodate readers video.
The video serves to complement the content. For example, there is information that is not presented in the content, but delivered through video.
That is why before inserting a video, to consider
whether the video is indeed relevant to the content or not. The video is not relevant will give a bad
impression to the reader also to search engines.
In principle, quality content is content that is created for the reader, not just for search engines. SEO Optimization blog is just one of the many steps in order to make the information on our website can be
communicated to more readers. That is why quality
content is becoming a major pillar of a web site.
Hopefully our discussion this time could make your blog content more and quality. Happy practice.


This is Google Adsense Registration Review Process (Special Beginner)

Actually requirement to register into a google adsense publisher was very easy, the main requirement is that you must have a blog, be it a free blog such as blogspot or blog with a top level domain (TLD).

Although the condition is easily turn out to be accepted into a google adsense publisher was not easy, because there will be the process of the review conducted by adsense on your team s sa registrant and blogs that you register - Google Adsense

Review The aim is to conduct a further review in order to determine the appropriateness of blogs registered to advertise google adsense, if a blog is considered incompatible with the policy of google adsense these will be rejected on the grounds that the appropriate but if the blog is in accordance with the policy and considered owner decent blog then you will have the potential to become a publisher adsense accepted.

In general, when you register registration google adsense with the above requirements, before you are fully accepted into google adsense publisher, then the team adsense will do 2 process review of the blogs that you submitted, the review is better known as the review process 1 and the review process 2, if both passed the review process then you will be a google adsense publisher.

As to whether the Review Process Google Adsense?
The first step prior to the stage of the review process is that you have to apply for google adsense first, registration can be done through blogs or through adsense sites directly, but to be more easily accepted by many who advocate register through blogs berflatform blogspot, to register via your blog can read the article on how to register google adsense through the blog I have ever made before.

If your registration is successfully submitted, the next stage of google adsense team will conduct a review process of the blogs that you register, there will be two times the review process as follows:

Review Process 1
The review process one is the process of a preliminary review conducted by the team google Adsnse to your blog can be with the help of robot automatically or possibly also by the team adsense manually processed the 1st review will usually be identified regarding the appropriateness of the blog to participate berpartisifasi publisher adsense ads if the blog is considered in accordance with the policies google adsense likely your blog will escape review 1, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Some rejections before the 1st review
Prior to the review process 1, there are times when denial is rejected for several reasons, some of which are as follows:

a. Content inadequate
Rejection is usually caused by a blog visitor is considered slightly, moisture content of each blog article is too little, too dominated by a picture or video, the number of articles still very little.

b. Blog does not comply with the policy
If your blog is considered to discuss matters in accordance with policy know google adsense then most likely its refusal was not in accordance with the policy content.

c. Difficult blog Navigation
This rejection could be because you do not provide such blog navigation menu, popular post, arthive blog or widgets which can help facilitate visitors browse your blog. or it may be a lengthy article that you serve not equipped with headings and sub-headings are structured.

The characteristics qualify blog reviews 1
If you passed the Registration adsense first review some of its characteristics is as follows:

1.Usually you will receive an email asking you to install the unit code adsense ads on your blog that you register, or some are receiving notification that the payee has been changed.

2.You can enter access Already adsense account, create an ad unit code and other information.

3.You can already put ads on your blog page, but the ads usually appear only briefly or be some hours and eventually disappears, and finally just show a blank space or blank only.

If the review 1 passes, the ad should you put on your blog to get to the second review process.

Review Process 2
2 review process will only work if you've passed the first review and you've managed to put adsense ads on your blog page.

Typical review 2 are as follows:

1.Advertisement that you install will not appear empty or just empty space only, therefore, you should not be surprised if the alias ad does not appear when you have installed the ad or ads will only appear a few hours and then disappear, it means you still have

2.review earnings registration process has been put 2.Terkadang, ntah from ad clicks made by visitors of your blog, or one-thousandth of your productive after 1000 x aired.

Feature Review 2 Passed
Some characteristics that the review 2 passes are as follows:

1. Advertisement will appear on your blog page.
2. You will receive an email notification that the registration has been accepted in full (full approve).
 3. You have received revenue from adsense if someone clicks on your adsense ads.

Sometimes in a review two potential you denied there are many types of rejection that can occur at the time of review two such rejections during the 1st review, either rejected or accepted to be kept informed by the google adsense team via email. therefore if you've escaped the reviews first and you have not received the email is rejected or accepted it means you can still review process 2.

There are a lot of complaints that were raised by the bloggers who happen to already signed up, they were a lot of chatter on social media in online forums that he had been asked to put up ads, but only a few hours to appear and will eventually disappear and only shows an empty room alone , once again if it happens to you it is likely your google adsense registration still review process 2.

Google adsense will always provide information via email, regarding the registration process your google adsense, whether it is accepted or rejected if you have not received a rejection email or email that your registration is accepted fully that means you still review2 process.

The length of the review process only Google that can define, but normally within 24 hours 2x you should already get a decision accepted or rejected, depending sustenance respectively.


9 how to improve the blog traffic

Everything you to read or heard on the Internet about creating an online business success will always be emphasizes the importance of generate traffic.

We all know this reality - without traffic, we have no business. Of course, a good product and business plan healthy very important to success, but this assumption is in place, get traffic to your site may be the number one problems faced by the most business online.

So, as everyone agrees on the needs of the key, let's get down to 'ins' and' out 'how to increase traffic flow.
You can only get started with your new site, eager to tell the world's about your product, or you may be a long-established' timer 'tried every day to find new ways to get your message out there. 
Ever you are, in fact remains that you are faced with a highly competitive market. 
To succeed requires constant re-evaluation your market and to find a new and improve the way to get traffic to your site. If possible, is the best place to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Keep an eye on what your competitors do and fix them. Do not copy only other ideas, find a new twist, new angle unique way to the image people to you.

It is so often the steps of the most simple bring gold and in a very short time, the site you can receive hits like never before. 
To obtain the things that rolled and began to encourage the flow of the awareness (and therefore traffic) to your site, here are some important tool to make a really possible; 

1. write some good article, 
useful and inspiring to drive traffic to your site do your research, see what people information find, through the search engine as well as in the forum.
Send this article to article directories,
ezines and other sites that are in the same market for your own.
including your details and all the important URL your site, in the resource box.
Try to make no article appeared as ad clear product or your business,
but as a source of valuable information that other people will find the use.
In this way, you will be respected for your knowledge and promote your interest and what you get involved with.
People will want to check you!

2. spend a little bit of money and start a couple of advertising campaign good so far is the fastest way and the most effective to direct targeted traffic to your site.
Glasses AdWords and Overture yahoos' indisputable leader in this field.
Ads with one of these people will provide direct exposure to the world's waiting for the customers beginners.
Follow simple rules and guidelines set for each and you can immediately receive great return on your initial investment.

Start slowly with the budget daily small and' tweek 'as the campaign disclosed.

3. optimize your Web page again, 
do your research and make sure that you have the best keywords on your page.
Search engine for these keywords and with them,
determine your site in the list public.
copy right in the right place can shoot your listing higher and make you look more easily when people looking for there's a lot of information on the Web on how to achieve this if you want to do it for yourself.
Or, you may want to use the service paid for better results.

4. trade links to other sites to get your site,
is listed on the site of others you multiply your exposure in a heartbeat.
Each of visitors to the site whether soon presented with others URL after only one search.wekkend efforts site has the effect of double to produce the potential of traffic to the site better.
Apply this some of the site and you can see how the dramatic effect can be.

5. start a couple of viral marketing as the name suggests, 
this is all about start virus, spread from person to person, the site to the site - just, you source of the virus and have your name on it! Write a report, eBook, articles or anything and gave it for free.
Just make sure that your link on or in the report, etc. so that all the people who have access to it directed back to your site.
This can be one of the most effective methods free generate traffic available to you.
Be creative, send out and wait for the results.

6. start a Ezine or online newsletter after you start to tell people about yourself, 
they immediately began to develop a relationship with you and feel that they can trust you.
People keep information through newsletter will depend this connection, creating a customer's a long time for you and will drive this customer to tell others about you, further bring traffic to your site.

7. participate in forums or online,
community is the place where people similar and interest come together to share news and Exchange of ideas. In this place,
it is possible for you to show expertise and your skills and build yourself as a person's worth listening.
People start believe you and see you to some of the answers to the needs of their.
Through this, traffic to your site will naturally happen.
Once again, be yourself, do not try to sell in place only allow others to find you.

8. offline advertising often ignored by Web-based business, 
it can be a way very effective to improve your traffic. Stickers, business cards, ads in shops, Flyers are just some how to get the word out.
create creative and let people know you are in the business.

9. email signature. Every time you send your email contact potential customers, do they know or not.
By placing one line ad simple with your URL later in the end of each of your email projecting the existence of you to anyone who wants to find out more.
Don't miss the free tool this simple but powerful.
Get traffic to your site do not have to be a business expensive.
Consistency and patience, using only a few techniques above can have a traffic knock on your doorstep within at all.
Structure your approach and follow the plan, learn from your efforts and reap the results.