Improve SEO with Google+

Improve SEO with Google+ is one of the benefits you can get from the use of Google+ for businesses.

Many brands are not yet realizing the benefits that can be gained by using Google+ for business. In fact, judging from the number of users that touch the 1 billion, Google+ can be considered as social media is ideal for your business.

This is why Google+ is required in your social media strategy.

Here are the easy steps to grow your business using Google+:

 Improve SEO with Google+

Enter keywords and relevant links in the "About Page" of your brand profile
As already known, "About Page" gives a

brief description about your brand. You can also create links to specific pages and services on the about page, then the link will direct potential prospects to the most important pages on the website that you have. Therefore, it is important for you to display information that makes it easier for searchers to understand the company / business.

Leverage Google+ Events for Your Event

One feature which is owned by Google is Fiture event.

This feature allows the pen ggunanya for invitations that have been custom to anyone, both users and non Google+ users. Later, the invitation will be disinkronasi nicely with Google Calendar which will then automatically appear when users perform confirmation of arrival.

In addition, in the event also features a party mode features.

This feature allows participants of the event were present for uploading photos to almbum the same using the services of mobile applications Google+, making real-time photo journals of the time and date specific, then you can also view the photos in a slideshow, all of which exist in the Google+ service.

Post as often as might For Optimal Search
Please note that the search results of Google Search to be more relevant if they integrate with your social connections. Therefore it is, enter a keyword in your post is important to do so that they appear when you search for those keywords followers.

In addition, existing algorithms in Google Search will display the search results personal specific taken from existing activities in Google+.

 Thus, the more your Google+ posts relevant to the content, eating your post will often show up in search results.

Improve SEO with Google Authorship

Things are often promoted by Google as an advantage is the SEO aspects that can be improved through the use Google+ appropriate.

Use of Google Authoship will make your website as a quality source for when you're using Google Authorship, then the author's photo will appear on the website or in your blog posts in Google search results.

This will obviously affect the rankings and increase your click rate. To create a Google Authorship is very easy, you just need to add a link to your Google+ profile to each post on your website or blog and on Google+ contains links to blogs that you manage.

User Search and Relevant Discussion Topic
One of the basic differences Google+ with other social media is the tendency of Google+ that leads to the community.

So it is important for you to download the Google+ users engage in conversation relvan or appropriate. The success of marketing in social media lies in the way you download engage Google+ users through your profile page.

Because you can not download the circle Google+ users from your business page until they download the circle you advance, it is important for you to establish a good relationship with them as well as introducing the content pages of your product.

You can monitor anyone Google+ users who are looking for your brand and get up interaction with them by mention or share re-posting them on your brand.

Things like this will have an impact on the future development of your business.

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